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They should also show they know how to use situational analysis techniques and apply to a business: PESTLE, SWOT, Porter's Five Forces and 5 C's. Business btec Unit 3. ______1.______2.______3.______4.______5.______6.______7.______8.______9.______10.______11.______12.InterestExpenseInterestPayableDepreciationExpenseAccumulatedDepreciationUnearnedProfessionalFeesProfessionalFeesEarnedInsuranceExpensePrepaidInsuranceSalariesPayableCashPrepaidRentCashSalariesExpenseSalariesPayableInterestReceivableInterestRevenueCashAccountsReceivable(fromconsulting)CashUnearnedProfessionalFeesCashInterestReceivableRentExpensePrepaidRent1,0004,0003,0004,2001,4004,5006,0005,0009,0007,5002,0002,0001,0004,0003,0004,2001,4004,5006,0005,0009,0007,5002,0002,000. The contrast is in the features: ownership and liability, or size, or sector or purpose. COMMUNICATING WITH CUSTOMERS Methods of interacting with customers, advantages and disadvantages: branch online banking telephone banking mobile banking postal banking. Z,-lq}r Q }\\ Supply and demand curves are illustrative, but they should be clearly explained, and referenced. The learners have to complete two SWOTs for the interviewer and interviewee roles and from this information, prepare a personal skills development plan. 80 : 48 . Pearson BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Business Unit 3 19. Gives you security in case something happens 1847 0 obj <>stream A. The points scores available for each external unit at grade boundaries are as follows: Unit Size 90 GLH 120 GLH Unclassified 0 0 Near Pass 6 8 Pass 9 12 Merit 15 20 . For this mandatory unit, up to four different businesses are required two contrasting businesses for Learning Aims A and B, another business for Learning Aims C and D and a further business for Learning Aim E. Contrasting businesses are to be selected individually by learners. Job Application Form Template word. Gg. Meaning may be conveyed but in a non-specialist way; respon se minor. The AAB asks for a presentation, but if this will be difficult to manage if you have a large number of learners in the class, you do not have to stick with this instruction. allows the business to plan finances / budget (1), Long-term source of finance (1) which allows the What should xxx and yyy be to maximize profit? Different types of banks/ financial institutions? Learners records and diaries/logs of the planning process are expected in their evidence. 31463H Unit 3: Personal and Business Finance 120 100 56 41 27 13 0 31489H Unit 2: Developing a Marketing Campaign 90 70 56 41 26 13 0 31588H Unit 6/12: Principles of \text{Total assets} & \underline{\underline{\$ 4,000,000}} & \underline{\underline{\$ 3,800,000}}\\ Because pumping large amounts of water is harder than pumping small amounts, the cost of producing a bottle of water rises as he pumps more. Revenue income: cash sales credit sales rent received commission received interest received discount received. 4679 0 obj continue, Appropriate for a small company with cash flow issues, Short- term lease of two years means Mike can return the machine (after In Unit 7 learners draw together learning from previous units in the qualification. 70 : 54 . FANTASYFOOTBALLBalanceSheetsDecember31AssetsCurrentassets:CashAccountsreceivableInventorySuppliesLong-termassets:EquipmentLess:AccumulateddepreciationTotalassetsLiabilitiesandStockholdersEquityCurrentliabilities:AccountspayableInterestpayableIncometaxpayableLong-termliabilities:NotespayableStockholdersequity:CommonstockRetainedearningsTotalliabilitiesandstockholdersequity2018$208,000856,0001,900,000124,0001,292,000(380,000)$4,000,000$168,000076,000760,000786,6002,209,400$4,000,0002017$262,200999,4001,349,00087,4001,292,000(190,000)$3,800,000$129,2003,80076,000760,000786,6002,044,400$3,800,000, For each of the following journal entries 1 through 12, enter the letter of the explanation that most closely describes it in the space beside each entry. Level 0 0 No rewardable material. startxref Unit 3 Personal & Business Finance: Identify question Jan 2018 Enterprise, Economics & Business 5.99K subscribers Subscribe 6.5K views 4 years ago A video outlining how to answer the. D.M4 is not a comparison but an analysis - so detailed examination of different aspects and the relationship between the different factors. depreciate over the assets lifetime, Will produce lower profit figures in the early years in the At no more . Please make sure the event allows the learners to demonstrate the skills and activities required in the assessment criteria and that individual evidence is produced. endobj We advise that learners do not choose their own centre as one of the businesses, largely because they are difficult to understand in terms of ownership and liability and learners often make mistakes about this feature. The situational analysis should therefore be carried out on two countries, and equal consideration given to them which is then used to make the recommendation to meet C.D2 of one of the countries. thomassaunders00. The reason for this is because in the unit specification, A3 covers support for business operating internationally and this has to be analysed for A.M1. Explain what fixed and variable taxes are and how they are different. Specific . Lecture notes, lectures 1-19 - materials slides, Strategic Operations Management PS4S26-V2 - Assessment 1, 3. She. 200 x (12 x 5) = 12 000 (difference in cost over 5 years) \text{\_\_\_\_\_\_8.} Sales Revenue - Cost of Goods Sold. BaakliniC10019. Logical reasoning evidenced throughout response which is clear and If you buy the item instantly you would be happy for having it, but it is costly to pay for it in the future. Find grade boundaries for the latest exam series in which exams were taken or, if you need to view grade boundaries from earlier exam series, you can do so by using the tool below. They should be thinking about future interviews and career development in this learning aim. Depending on their roles and responsibilities, managers need to develop skill sets that enable them to work effectively in areas such as the management of people, financial, resource and quality management, and the management of change. Go to the question papers, mark schemes and examiners' reports. will need to recalculate the expense each year figure based 4 0 obj D.Torecordreceiptofanaccruedrevenue. To record this periods depreciation expense. Measuring performance. Examiners' reports are the communication channel between senior examiners and teachers and contain an explanation of how the senior examiners have interpreted the mark schemes as well as examples of both good and poor candidate responses. h-eM{'0N:9 ,3,_ r4/v \`_B o+y7]b&Ym1i9{q. Management of business (planning, monitoring and controlling). relevant information with a few gaps or omissions. & \text{Unearned Professional Fees} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \text{3,000}\\ endobj /t geo o#?ui4uoJ>Nkm`rz7qc5lVu3&S[C`=RF>_0|\6/5 cle ar and uses specialist te chnical language consistently. In order to access the ACS, you will need to complete the form using the following options: You can then complete the rest of the online form providing all the information relevant to your case, attach the assignment brief once you have submitted the case. View more University Ursuline College Course Bioethics (PH 260) Uploaded by sarah her Academic year2015/2016 Helpful? Raw mark scores can be downloaded by Exams Officers from Edexcel Online. The staging of the event is covered in Learning Aim D and the review of the event is covered in Learning Aim E, and this work should be done after the event itself. lower premium offer. to supported conclusions. When a person decides to save money, the first thing they should do is _________________. The guidance below is largely taken from Senior Standards Verifier (SSV) Reports. Identify three powers that Congress and the president share. Learners may resit an external assessment to obtain a higher grade of near pass or above. Which is more important to budgeting: income or cash flows? (1) which may improve their decision making (1), Convenient (1) as many banks have branches in city centres (1), Some products may be exclusively available in branches only (1) so Compliance (preventing fraud, compliance with law and regulations). \text{\_\_\_\_\_\_11.} business, Harder to calculate than the straight line method as you Award one mark for the correct formula in words or numbers: Award one further mark for the correct calculation of profit of 52 000, 10a Award three marks for the correct response of 25%, Award one further mark for the correct calculation of revenue of 260 000, Pearson BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Business Unit 3 Issue 3 April 2017 Pearson \quad & \text{Accumulated Depreciation} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \quad & \text{4,000}\\ vegan tattoo ink pros and cons . Content area A UNIT 3. hbbd```b```rd"YR@d:iyH2e]rKbL@"@}4$3 ` J ! \end{matrix} 9. hb```df B,`q( 1uBHu{9.#[(` The specification for each unit includes the assessment criteria and guidance for assessors in the section headed 'Essential information for assessment decisions'. I. Meaning may be conveyed but in a non-specialist way; 3. All learners must receive the same treatment. For LA D, the requirement is about cultural factors which generally will affect international businesses and learners don't have to apply this to a named business, but they can of course give examples. UNDERSTAND THE PURPOSE OF ACCOUNTING Purpose of accounting Recording transactions. 12 000 1 200 = 10 800 (deduction of delivery cost), Copyright 2023 StudeerSnel B.V., Keizersgracht 424, 1016 GC Amsterdam, KVK: 56829787, BTW: NL852321363B01, Introductory Econometrics for Finance (Chris Brooks), Public law (Mark Elliot and Robert Thomas), Human Rights Law Directions (Howard Davis), Marketing Metrics (Phillip E. Pfeifer; David J. Reibstein; Paul W. Farris; Neil T. Bendle), Rang & Dale's Pharmacology (Humphrey P. Rang; James M. Ritter; Rod J. Education Limited 2015, Level Mark Award up to 6 marks. Margin of safety = 60 - 40. Examiners should \quad & \text{Interest Revenue} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \quad & \text{5,000}\\ \quad & \text{Interest Payable} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \quad & \text{1,000}\\ life of the asset. -salary: salary divided by pay periods the consumer may receive more interest/pay lower fees (1), Lower interest rates means paying less interest on existing debt. One of the businesses used for Learning Aim A and B can be used or a different business altogether. <>/XObject<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 594.96 842.04] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Please ensure that you have also read the ACS terms & conditions. When setting a budget, you must manage your _________ and limit your ___________. Section B the part with all formulas is 2/3 of the marks for the WHOLE paper. B. All these documents are required as a minimum. <>stream Businesses like Coca Cola, Apple, Nike are not good choices for this unit. Money you have earned (may or may not be physical). perception of where the grade boundaries may lie. Eswatini (/ s w t i n i / ESS-wah-TEE-nee; Swazi: eSwatini [swtini]), officially the Kingdom of Eswatini and formerly named Swaziland (/ s w z i l n d / SWAH-zee-land; officially renamed in 2018), is a landlocked country in Southern Africa.It is bordered by Mozambique to its northeast and South Africa to its north, west, south, and southeast. <> Learners must be re warded for what The materials already provided here will remain, along with lots of new revision resources. expensive product, Profit margin = profit / sales revenue x 100, (65 000 13 000) / (65 000 + 195 000) x 100, Gross profit margin = gross profit / sales revenue x 100, More depreciation in the early life of the asset and less in the vL1d'uIp}|8@ _$I x5`I/+\ .^%If k&I(V Jm9K$l Btec business level 3 unit 1 assignment 1 example, Unit 1 exploring business assignment 1 examples, Btec business level 3 unit 1 assignment 2, Health and social care unit 5 coursework example p2, Btec level 3 health and social care unit 4, Personal Finance Personal Finance A Personal Financial Planning, Personal Finance Personal Finance 101 What is personal, Personal Finance Personal Finance A Personal Financial Planningis, Insurance Unit Personal Finance Personal Finance Wednesday February, BTEC Extended Certificate in Business BTEC Diploma in, Introduction to Finance BTEC Business Nationals Unit 5, Business Finance Business Finance or Corporate Finance as, BTEC Information Technology Course offered BTEC Level 3, BTEC APPLIED SCIENCE THE APPLIED SCIENCE BTEC QUALIFICATION, BTEC Level 3 Applied Science National Diploma BTEC, BTEC Computing Level 3 BTEC Computing Level 3, BTEC Enterprise BTEC Enterprise A bit about the, Personal Finance Topic 2 Personal Finance 1 What. unit 3: personal and business finance grade boundaries. Examiners must mark the first learner For this unit it is expected that learners will work in small groups. You can download the question papers, mark schemes and examiners' reports for each past exam series and taken together, these will give you the best insight into what is required in each unit. lacks clarity and fails to p rovi de an adequate answer to the question. information; there may be major gaps or omissions. To do this, learners will have to use UK businesses, and this is recommended as it allows them to investigate finance/support and barriers, trade agreements. <>>> Issue 3 April 2017 Pearson Education Limited 2015, Question & \text{G. To record this periods use of a prepaid expense. A set of slides produced by a group of learners is not appropriate evidence here as it is not possible to perceive individual contribution and understanding. It is not necessary to have one for-profit and one not-for-profit business as required by the previous QCF qualification suite. It means that the performance and asking/answering of analytical questions can be authenticated by the internal verifier and standards verifier. BTEC Business Revision Unit 3 - Personal 36 terms. View resources Resource collection \text{Accounts receivable} & \text{$856,000$} & \text{$999,400$}\\ stream Gives a more realistic valuation of the vehicles as they lose INFORMATION GUIDANCE AND ADVICE Function, role and responsibilities, advantages and disadvantages of: Citizens Advice independent financial advisor (IFA) price comparison websites debt counsellors Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) bankruptcy. Pearson BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Business Unit 3 Final Sample Assessment Materials Displays a balanced evaluation demonstrating an awareness of Unit 3: Personal And Business Finance . Preparation for the interview should be researching suitable questions, what to wear, travelling, demeanour etc and the role plays should be as realistic as possible. Before a person can make a budget they must know __________. \text{Accounts payable} & \text{$\$ 168,000$} & \text{$\$ 129,200$}\\ Tort law & Omissions - Lecture notes 3, EAT 340 Solutions - UNIT1 Lesson 12 - Revision Material (Previous Examination Paper 2017 ), Offer and Acceptance - Contract law: Notes with case law, Lab report(shm) - lab report of simple harmonic motion, Unit 6 - The History of the NHS (Journal Article), Importance of Studying Child and Adolescent Development, Acoples-storz - info de acoples storz usados en la industria agropecuaria. So learning the formulas is important. 7. 31463 MARK Scheme JAN 2021 - Pearson BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Business - Unit 3 - 19 Unit 3: - Studocu nice work thank you unit personal and business finance mark scheme general marking guidance all learners must receive the same treatment. They consist of two parts: indicati ve content and levels-based descriptors. Learners could therefore choose a different business to ones already used, or use one already researched for the other LAs. endstream endobj startxref Part A introduces learners to the context and is released before the Part B is taken. x]OZAIs &;MU^4 HLR?s8Pu+@G_ pnYc1yFk@bt0">v/{ +L\0[.i5T#Pcn} \m3ix#|4^V@qU"P4(@55S|Y=4v~#,"Si7|pxM5l-`Z Mark schemes should be appli ed positively. GRADE BOUNDARIES (JULY 2019) UNIT 3 Personal and Business Finance DISTINCTIO N MERIT PASS 73 55 39 THEREFORE YOU ARE LOOKING AT GETTING 75 (meaning you can lose 25 marks ONLY! Learners must not have access to the Internet, email, or any other resource. 1896 0 obj %PDF-1.7 % The event itself must be sufficiently complex. A valid assignment will enable a clear and formal assessment outcome based on the assessment criteria. 0 or better and file a petition with the student adviser. This unit will be examined so you need to ensure that you are ready and prepared for you exam and good performance in this exam is critical to achieving your highest possible grade in your Business Studies course. To achieve this Distinction criterion, market structure, including supply and demand and how these affect pricing and output decisions should be explored for D.P6 and assessed for D.M4. What is the formula for calculating simple interest? A small sole trader might not allow learners the opportunity to do justice to the requirements of the assessment criteria - for example, complex relationships with stakeholders, organisation structure and functional areas might be limited with a sole trader. Analysis likely to consist of basic description of information. Learning Aims; A Understand the costs involved in business and how businesses make a profit B Understand how businesses plan for success Evidence of application demonstrating some linkages and A raw mark is the actual mark awarded by our examiners for an assessment. Torecordthisperiodsuseofaprepaidexpense.D. UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF MANAGING PERSONAL FINANCE Role of money is affected and influenced by a number of factors: personal attitudes towards risk and reward, borrowing, spending and saving life stages (childhood, adolescence, young adult, middle age, old age), key features of each stage, financial needs and implications at each stage culture, including religious and ethical beliefs life events can vary the personal life cycle from individual to individual external influences/trends and the financial-related effects interest rates, cost of borrowing versus reward of saving. alternative response. ~=~z5Xfq\E[\Q|n+8!u_>) more value in the earlier years. . for how to apply levels-based mark schemes*. demonstrating a thorough grasp of competing \text{C. To record payment of an accrued expense.} Paying forward- idea of taking things you have learned and been given and passing it on to another person {{navigationJson.popularQualificationtitle}}, {{navigationJson.qualificationcolumnTitle1}}, {{navigationJson.qualificationcolumnTitle2}}, {{navigationJson.qualificationcolumnTitle3}}, Grade boundaries - January 2023 - Edexcel Award Pass Marks, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/Edexcel-Award/2301-edexcel-awards-grade-boundaries-v1.pdf, Grade Boundaries - January 2023 - International A Level, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/International-A-level/2301-ial-subject-grade-boundaries-v1.pdf, Notional Component Grade Boundaries - January 2023 - International GCSE (9-1), /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/International-GCSE/2301-intgcse-9-1-notional-component-grade-boundaries-v1.pdf, Grade Boundaries - January 2023 - International GCSE (9-1), /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/International-GCSE/2301-intgcse-9-1-subject-grade-boundaries-v1.pdf, Grade Boundaries - January 2023 - Project Qualifications, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/Project-qualifications/2301-project-subject-grade-boundaries-v1.pdf, Grade Boundaries - November 2022 - GCSE (9-1), /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/GCSE/2211-gcse-9-1-subject-grade-boundaries-v1.pdf, Notional Component Grade Boundaries - November 2022 - GCSE (9-1), /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/GCSE/2211-gcse-9-1-notional-component-grade-boundaries-v3.pdf, Grade Boundaries - October 2022 - International A Level, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/International-A-level/2210-ial-subject-grade-boundaries-v1.pdf, Grade Boundaries - October 2022 - International Primary and Lower Secondary Curriculum, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/International-Primary-Lower-and-Secondary-Curriculum/2210-ipls-subject-grade-boundaries-v1.pdf, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/LCCI/lcci-grade-boundaries-july-2022.pdf, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/LCCI/lcci-grade-boundaries-june-2022.pdf, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/A-level/2206-gce-subject-grade-boundaries.pdf, Notional Component Grade Boundaries - June 2022 - GCE, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/A-level/2206-gce-notional-component-grade-boundaries.pdf, Grade Boundaries - June 2022 - Advanced Extension Award, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/Advanced-Extension-Award/2206-aea-subject-grade-boundaries.pdf, Grade Boundaries - June 2022 - BTEC Firsts, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/BTEC-Firsts/btec-grade-boundaries-l2-firsts-june-2022.pdf, Grade Boundaries - June 2022 - BTEC Nationals, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/BTEC-Nationals/btec-grade-boundaries-june-2022-l3-nationals.pdf, Grade Boundaries - June 2022 - BTEC Level 2 Technicals, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/BTEC-Level-2-Technicals/btec-technicals-grade-boundaries-june-2022.pdf, Grade Boundaries - June 2022 - BTEC Tech Awards, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/btec-tech-awards/btec-grade-boundaries-l2-tech-awards-june-2022.pdf, Grade Boundaries - June 2022 - Edexcel Award pass marks, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/Edexcel-Award/2206-level-2-3-edexcel-awards-subject-grade-boundaries.pdf, Grade Boundaries - June 2022 - International GCSE (9-1), /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/International-GCSE/2206-intgcse-9-1-subject-grade-boundaries.pdf, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/International-GCSE/2206-intgcse-9-1-notional-component-grade-boundaries.pdf, Grade Boundaries - June 2022 - Mathematics in Context, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/core-maths/2206-l3c-subject-grade-boundaries.pdf, Notional Component Grade Boundaries - June 2022 - Mathematics in Context, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/core-maths/2206-l3c-notional-component-grade-boundaries.pdf, Grade Boundaries - June 2022 - Project Qualifications, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/Project-qualifications/2206-level-2-3-project-subject-grade-boundaries.pdf, Grade Boundaries - Summer 2022 - T Levels, /content/dam/pdf/Support/Grade-boundaries/t-levels/t-level-grade-boundaries-summer-2022.pdf, {{translateWord(navigationJson.covidTitle)}}, {{translateWord(navigationJson.subjectTitle)}}, {{translateWord(navigationJson.qualificationTitle)}}, {{navigationJson.qualificationcolumn1CTAtext}}, {{navigationJson.qualificationcolumn2CTAtext}}, {{navigationJson.qualificationcolumn3CTAtext}}, {{translateWord(navigationJson.supportTitle)}}, {{translateWord(navigationJson.aboutusTitle)}}, {{translateWord(navigationJson.contactusTitle)}}, Alcester Academy and North Bromsgrove High School, BTEC (Levels 1-3), Employability and Skills, Higher Education, Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQs) and LCCI, View grade boundaries from the most recent exam series. Fixed/constant- same pay each pay period (salary). Generic organisation charts and generic coverage of what different departments do is not appropriate. re sponse l acks clarity and fails to provide an adequate answer business of using a debenture as a source of income and one They will be able to predict probable consequences, identify faulty arguments or misrepresentations of information or data, compare information and data, provide reasonable alternatives, and evaluate and justify proposed solutions. Learners need to understand the financial decisions they will need to take throughout life. Mark Scheme (Results) January Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Unit 3 Personal and Business Finance (31463 H) BTEC Level 3 National in Business Mark Scheme (Results) January Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Unit 3 Personal an. Torecordthisperiodsdepreciationexpense.\begin{matrix} Key terms and definitions. BTEC Business Level 3 Unit 3 Exam A Kevin4031 All you need to know is the formulas and also you need to know how to do depreciation. Levels-based mark schemes (LBMS) have been designed to assess learner work MAXIMUM MARK 60. x+q!RtPJZM B/ Provides lit tle evidence of appli cation and li nks between relevant In order to fulfil the requirements of the assessment criteria, the contrasts could be manufacturing/service, importing/exporting, existing multinational/small business starting to trade internationally. & \text{Cash} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \text{7,500}\\ %%EOF endobj }\\ G)mrQ. Different rows Evaluate external sources of finance which Wattam Grove could use to fund Option 2 - Camping and caravan site. After the event the success of the event should be reviewed, and the delegates feedback analysed and help them identify improvements. Evidence of application demonstrating some linkages and Torecordreceiptofunearnedrevenue.B. \text{\_\_\_\_\_\_5.} Learners notes must not include any attempt to pre-prepare marketing plans, budgets or timelines. (b) What kinds of assistance might a poor family be able to get from the government? Importantly, it also means the learners can listen/see their performance which will help them review their performance for Learning Aim C. If this isnt possible, then a fully detailed and individual Record of Activity should support the achievement of criteria and peers can complete a Witness Statement. dr awing on linkages and interrel ationships between factors. All of the forms required for assessment and verification can be downloaded from the web site. 15.00 Add to cart Share : Full description License Delivery & returns Business Assessment Resources Unit & Topic Assessments endstream !BTEC Business Unit 3 Formula. Contribution Per Unit x Margin of Safety. Unit 3 Personal and Business Finance Unit 6 Principles of Management Unit 7 Business Decision Making Grade statistics The grade statistics show the number of learners who completed each qualification each year, and the proportion achieving each grade. They must show they understand why the business adheres to ethics and legislation, not just that there are laws to protect people. Mark hVmo6+>$@Im@ M(AMG-e~V,;Z+-'sB Tr'A@ View grade boundaries from the most recent exam series Find all available grade boundaries Step 1. FANTASYFOOTBALLBalanceSheetsDecember3120182017AssetsCurrentassets:Cash$208,000$262,200Accountsreceivable856,000999,400Inventory1,900,0001,349,000Supplies124,00087,400Long-termassets:Equipment1,292,0001,292,000Less:Accumulateddepreciation(380,000)(190,000)Totalassets$4,000,000$3,800,000LiabilitiesandStockholdersEquityCurrentliabilities:Accountspayable$168,000$129,200Interestpayable03,800Incometaxpayable76,00076,000Long-termliabilities:Notespayable760,000760,000Stockholdersequity:Commonstock786,600786,600Retainedearnings2,209,4002,044,400Totalliabilitiesandstockholdersequity$4,000,000$3,800,000\text{FANTASY FOOTBALL}\\ \text{Balance Sheets}\\ \text{December 31}\\ \begin{matrix} perception of where the grade boundaries may li e. All marks on the mark scheme should be used appropri atel y. Learners notes can include notes about the provided research. CONSUMER PROTECTION IN RELATION TO PERSONAL FINANCE Function, role and responsibilities of: Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Financial Ombudsmen Service (FOS) Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) legislation consumer credit. so lower amounts being paid will improve cash flow (1), Repayments / interest payments are fixed (1) which The controlled conditions for this unit allow learners to: Learners must not have access to the Internet, email, or any other resources aside from their permitted notes. To record this periods earning of prior unearned revenue} & \text{F. To record an accrued revenue. When using a levels-based mark scheme, the be st fit approach should be used. ), WEBSITES TO SUPPORT http: //www. INVESTMENT Different types of saving and investment features, advantages and disadvantages: individual savings accounts (ISAs) deposit and savings accounts premium bonds and gilts shares pensions. & \text{Cash} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \text{9,000}\\ The balance sheets for Fantasy Football for 2018 and 2017 are provided below. For C.D2 learners need to make a judgement on how well the chosen business is affected by the environment in which it operates, and show they understand and can use a variety of situational analysis techniques.